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Brought to life in audio format, the World of Islam series offers well­ researched yet easy ­to ­follow introductions that will stimulate listeners to think deeply and differently about Islam.

Muslims around the world and throughout history express their faith and values through varied cultural, social, intellectual and religious means. By exploring the plurality of interpretations, this series encourages non­specialists to delve into the commonalities as well as the distinctions that shape diverse Muslim traditions.

The Fatimids 2

The Rule from Egypt


Written by: Shainool Jiwa
Read by: Salima Bhatia
Run time: 5 hours, 54 minutes
Release date: September 2023

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The World of Islam series takes a civilisational approach to the study of Islam, providing concise, reliable, and engaging overviews of the diverse manifestations of Islam from a range of perspectives.