The IIS is governed by the Board of Trustees, the Board of Governors and formal committees that oversee academic and administrative matters.

Our students participate, by invitation, in meetings of the Board of Governors and academic governance processes related to their educational experience. We seek to achieve high standards and academic rigour in all our endeavours, including research, publications, teaching, human resource development, and curriculum development. We ensure the quality, rigour and integrity of our research, publications and teaching through Board committees, peer review processes, and various policies and procedures.

The IIS holds a student immigration licence for the enrolment of non-EEA (European Economic Area) students as required to comply with the UK Visa and Immigration requirements set out in the Student Sponsor Guidance.

We also have to meet requirements set by the  (OfS), the  (QAA) and the .

Our Board Principles

  • Integrity in our decision making and conduct.
  • Conducting our activities with a commitment to transparency.
  • Creating the space and freedom for constructive challenge and debate and listening to other points of view.
  • Striving for excellence in all we do.
  • Being clear about our roles as Governors and the responsibilities of the senior management team and staff.
  • Relying on facts, contextual realities, and thoughtful analysis as the basis for sound decision making.
  • Focusing on the needs of IIS’ beneficiaries and stakeholders in all our policies and decisions.
  • Sustaining financial probity and fiscal responsibility.
  • Building an inclusive and equitable environment.
  • Creating a thriving community and a place where everyone can belong.